Hoop Nation is one of the best NCAA approved Scouting Services in the Southeast! The HN Report assists college coaches with their recruitment by providing detailed evaluations of boys and girls basketball players throughout the southeast and midwest regions.   Hoop Nation also provides video services and recruiting advisories for athletes in high school, prep school, and junior college, as well as transfers and post graduates.  
Hoop Nation was founded in 2012 by Phillip Harper, a native of Lithonia, GA.  Having spent his high school years on the court, then his college years being mentored and trained by Coach Gordon Gibbons, the winningest D2 coach in the country, Phillip learned that his best attributes were not on the court, but on the sidelines as a trainer, coach, adviser, and scout.  Coach Harper has since dedicated his time to helping today’s youth grow as athletes and individuals.
With Atlanta being such a hotbed for basketball talent, Coach Harper made it his job to bring all the hidden gems to the surface.  In just a short period of time, through his countless contacts with college coaches, expert knowledge of the game and industry, and dedication to his athletes, Coach Harper has helped over 150 athletes achieve their potential and realize their dreams of becoming collegiate basketball players.